Our Belief

Me – Team – Organisation – Eco-system


...are messy

They are often hard to plan, are difficult to comprehend, require you to respond quickly to the unexpected and may feel like two steps forward and one step back. In other words, messy; so you must let go and realize it is all about co-creation, as “people support what they create”.

...require structure and culture

There is merit in structure, approach and methodology but that is only 25% of the story. The other 75% of transformation is about culture, unwritten rules, undercurrents, and emotions. As Peter Drucker said “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and we would like to add “and methodologies for lunch”.

...need effective leadership

The most important success factor, after all “Leaders make the weather”. We believe servant leadership is core to transformations as it is focused on purpose and values, team performance and achievement, collaboration, initiative, relating and trust.

...focused on humanity

Respect, care and connecting at a more personal level create engagement. The level of engagement makes or breaks a transformation. “Organizations do not transform, individuals transform, one person at a time”.

...are an art

Only 30% of all transformations are successful. Leading a transformation requires skill and experience, just like mastering marketing and research, for example, requires skill and experience. If you lead change consciously and masterfully “you can increase your success rate to 80%” and make the impact you envision.

Our Field of Transformation

Our purpose is to serve and support individuals, teams, organizations, and eco-systems in their transformation journey. We connect ‘doing’ (structure and methodologies) with ‘being’ (leadership and culture). Based on our expertise, experience, and methodologies we would love to help you navigate through your transformation journey. It would be our pleasure and privilege, because we love what we do!