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Transformations are about structure and culture

This needs conscious leadership as ‘leaders make the weather’

Fabulous growth and a beautiful experience

“By staying close to ourselves and our teams we had a fabulous growth in our employee engagement and many kind and heartfelt responses of our people.”

Jeroen Kuerble, CEO Noordhoff

Transformations are messy and an art

We love to navigate you through your transformation



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Key is connecting people to realize better performance

Transformation means a complete change to who you are and/or how you behave. Successful transformation results in an enhanced version of yourself, where you show up with more impact and effectiveness. In today’s continuously changing world, transformation is all about reinventing yourself, over and over again. It can be summed up as “what I do today is irrelevant tomorrow”.


Our Belief


  • ...are messy
  • ...require structure and culture
  • ...need effective leadership
  • ...focused on humanity
  • ...are an art

For the last 20 years, we have been involved in transformations and believe there are five important lessons relating to transformations, at individual, team, organization and eco-system level.

Our Services

Our promise, our support & our services

  • Make an impact
  • Drive your business
  • Crack some hard nuts
  • Be innovative
  • Sustain

We act as your guides and facilitators and always co-design bespoke programs with our clients. We develop work and team based transformation programs that tune into the organization’s eco-system and day-to-day business operations. The key is connecting people, supporting multi-disciplinary teams to achieve better and sustainable performance. In short: we are your partner in the transformation process.

We are your partner in the transformation process
Our Customers

Customer Quotes and Cases

  • “Last year was a complex and uncertain year for us. Thanks to the interventions of Wilbur and Peter we were able to stay close to ourselves and our teams. This led to a fabulous growth in our employee engagement and many kind and heartfelt responses of our people. Great to see that small changes in behavior have large consequences. I wish all leadership teams could have such a beautiful experience.”
    Jeroen Kuerble – Noordhoff
  • “The approach of HoT is clearly different. It’s not a training or a course. It’s a journey. Their way of working takes you to the next level with deep and intensive reflection on the level of self, team and organisation. HoT invites and supports you to take ownership for the learning process. This way you’re not only changing the here and now with the help of external inspiration. It also asks you to seek for deep sustainable transformation in the internal system of an organisation. It becomes a new way of being and working. Both Peter and Wilbur are great facilitators, able to support this process in their own specific way.”

    Els DeScheemaecker - Saint-Gobain/Gyproc
    Director Marketing & Product Development
  • “As a part of the overall transformation, the Change Leadership Program really helped us shift the leadership and achieve better results on strategic projects”


    Patrick Lammers - Essent
  • ‘The Next Level Leadership Program allowed me to deepen my understanding of some fundamental change concepts and personal beliefs, while at the same time extending my toolset as a leader facing continuous and sometimes radical change.”


    Frank Brichau - Essent
    (former) Chief Commercial Officer Essent
  • “House of Transformation has been instrumental during the RWE change-journey towards becoming a high performing utilities company”


    Ruud Wilgenkamp - RWE
    Senior Vice President HR RWE
  • “Together with House of Transformation RWE set up a company-wide transformation program, which aligned the leadership of RWE and led to a strong culture shift with more focus on results, and strengthened change capabilities”


    Arndt Brandenberg - RWE
    Head of Change
  • “Leveraging their transformation expertise, we were able to facilitate the transition from a partially performing international projects organization into a high performing team that has not only been successful in delivering multi-billion euro renewable mega projects but has also successfully undergone fundamental organizational change.”


    Paul Coffey - Npower (UK)
    Ceo Npower
  • “The leadership program provided me with significant insight; this resulted in an overall transformation of the company culture”


    Miroslav Kulla - Innogy
    CEO - VSE Slovakia

Community Concern

Our purpose is to serve and support individuals, teams, organizations, and eco-systems. We are concerned with climate change and want to contribute to the world of tomorrow. We donate 5% of our profits to nature and climate conservation, our motto being: “Save the planet, create a forest, plant a tree”. In partnership with ‘Treesforall’, we intend to plant (with everyone who wants to support us) at least 2,500 trees a year.


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